William Walker Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner again, who could have expected it?

Like every year the question about the suitable Christmas gift for the dearest ones appears now. Christmas gifts are an absolute must under each Christmas tree, but every year again Christmas is sooner than one thinks and the big Christmas gift stress begins. Showing up with an inappropriate or even completely without a gift should not be an option. To assist you in your mission to find the perfect Christmas gift, we have created the William Walker Christmas Gift Guide. Here you will find many unique and stylish gifts for dog owners from the William Walker universe - making Christmas shopping fun!



 1. Greeting cards - 6,90€

Each of us knows how special it feels to receive a beautiful card with a handwritten greeting. Our William Walker Postcards are individually designed cards and a perfect finishing touch to any Christmas gift. If you have friends who like to give such cards as gifts, you can of course use the cards as a present of its own. Either way, a free smile from the recipient is included!


2. Scent Candle Mystic Forest - 19,90€

Scented candles are currently the it-piece of the interior world, and many celebrities swear by them. No surprise: the hygienic cosiness of candlelight is combined with a pleasant room fragrance and elegant appearance. With this tasteful accessorie, which is also wonderfully suitable as gift, not only their scent but also their design is part of the magic. The scented candle Mystic Forest impresses with its delicate musk note and the woodsy sweet amber scent.


2. William Walker Care Pack - 36,90€

With this exclusive dog care set as a gift, you will certainly not go wrong. It not only looks great, but also cares for the dog's skin and coat optimally with specially adapted pH values. The set consists of the dog shampoo Pure, the dog conditioner Smooth and the organic paw balm Paw Care. Our high-quality paw balm is of course perfectly suited for the cold season and not only protects dog paws perfectly, but is also very suitable for us humans.

3. Poop bag holder - 39€

Already recommended by the British GQ as a top Christmas present, the poop bag dispensers are a real must-have for fashion-loving dog owners. They look simply great and have a very pleasant feel thanks to the nappa leather. These fashionable all-rounders not only fit perfectly to the corresponding William Walker suede collection, but can also be used in many ways thanks to the small carabiner. Without doubt the perfect Christmas present! If you like this idea, then you should definitely have a look at our next gift idea.

4. Poop IT bags - 7,90€

A poop bag holder rarely comes alone! Today there is no way around the excrement bags contained in them, they are a must for every dog owner. With this gift you are guaranteed never wrong. The William Walker excrement bags are not just any excrement bag. The black bags are biodegradable and come in a cool, reusable packaging box. A sensible and useful Christmas present, which also protects the environment. Whoever says, useful I find good, but it may be a little bit of fun, hopefully our next gift idea will appeal to them.


5. Toy bone The Bone - 39€

If you want excitement, fun and games in exclusive, high quality and chic, our gift suggestion The leather bone is an excellent choice. This dog toy is made of the finest nappa leather and really unique. With it the daily play becomes a freestyle and also in the rest phases this toy is a stylish eye-catcher for every room. The Bone is available in baby blue, orange, mint green and beige. It may be a little bit more in price? Then take a look at our next gift idea!



6. Dog mat Travel - 79€

Dogs want to be where their owners are. So that the four-legged friends have it thereby however as possible everywhere comfortably and feel well, the dog mat Travel offers a cosy underground for each place. Especially at Christmas time, when the family visit with the parents, grandparents or own children is coming up, this comfortable and mobile dog sleeping place is a great present - of course also for the own dog. A propo gifts for your own dog or yourself - we have another idea.

7. Nobile Set - 249€

Would you like a little bit more? If you want to give yourself or your favorite person an unforgettable Christmas present, you should definitely take a look at our brand new Nobile collection. Completely made in Germany, with the best vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany and an innovative design - this is the unique Nobile collection. The enclosed Saffiano leather in the middle rounds off this luxury product perfectly. When you choose this collection, you are choosing a product that will accompany you for many more Christmas celebrations and will not lose any of its timeless beauty over the years.

You say yes to your favorite person and yes to the design, but maybe a bit cheaper? Then take a look at the following recommendation.


 8. Keychain - 39€

These high-quality key chains from the William Walker Nobile collection are an absolute highlight and a great Christmas gift for everyone. Whether as an addition to the existing Nobile set or as a completely independent gift, the Nobile key chains are a high-quality, stylish statement and know how to convince completely.


 9. Voucher - from 25€

You just can't decide and want to let the receiver choose for himself? Then our voucher is the perfect Christmas present. With a William Walker gift certificate, you not only give away anticipation of an appealing product, but also a wonderful digital shopping experience. Starting with the joy of the gift voucher, browsing through our site, to the moment when the gift box arrives at home and can finally be unpacked: a William Walker gift voucher goes down well with every dog lover.

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