William Walker - a unique Easter-Story

William Walker Oster Hund

This year everything is different. Some families have to spend the holidays separately and the prayer service is digitally livestreamed from the sofa. But it's not just for us humans that the traditional Easter celebration brings some challenges this year, the Easter bunny is also overwhelmed by the new situation. The joint Easter egg hunt with the whole family now has to be divided into many small egg hunts in line with the pandemic. A sweaty undertaking for the eager Easter bunny, who has to hide the delicious nibbles in many more gardens. Actually, the Easter Bunny loves his job. He enjoys lingering in the decorated gardens, listening to children's laughter and gazing at the beautifully painted Easter eggs in the trees. A pleasure he can't afford this year - if he even manages to visit all the gardens in time. His biggest worry: disappointed children's eyes.

The Easter Factory

Deep in the woods, hidden under a large grassy hill, lies the Easter Bunny's factory. Here gifts are made, eggs are painted and delicious chocolate creations are designed. Luckily, the Easter Bunny has a large team of hardworking helpers. The nimble hamsters are responsible for the Easter eggs, they wrap the chocolate balls in the most colorful and dazzling colors. Meanwhile, the persistent sparrows are out and about all over the cities, listening to children and their parents on the playgrounds to find out which gardens need to be visited. They then mark the addresses with pins on a giant map. This year, when the Easter Bunny sees the overcrowded map, his big fluffy ears droop. How is he supposed to manage that?

The Easter Bunny hops thoughtfully through his workshop. He thinks hard about how his colleagues, Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas, have managed to perform all their duties on time for the holiday, despite the Corona pandemic. The sheds fall from the Easter Bunny's eyes! It had been a big headline after all, a heroic deed, on everyone's lips! "How William and his friends saved Christmas" it read, when in Santa's village some reindeer had broken down at short notice because they had contracted Corona. At that time, faithful, extraordinary shelter dogs from around the world had stepped in to pull Santa's sleigh. With great success. Lead dog William had played a very special role. On short notice, the Easter Bunny decides to call up his colleague Santa Claus and ask the clever golden retriever William and his animal friends for help.

In crises, people stick together

Of course, William and co. are on the spot immediately. Far from the North Pole they travel to save once again a feast of the people. They had already made the experience, after all, that crises were best managed by sticking together quite firmly. Arriving at the Easter Bunny's workshop, they begin to develop a strategy. Golden Retriever William and his three dog friends have the advantage of being able to run very fast. Their thick, long coats would protect them as they make their way cross-country through thickets and undergrowth directly to each garden. To keep people from noticing that dogs are bringing the Easter eggs, the four dogs put bunny ears on their heads. The real Easter bunny is overjoyed. With the help of his new friends, they would be able to save Easter and there was even a little extra time to enjoy the colorfully decorated trees.

An almost perfect Easter egg hiding

Very early on Easter morning, it's still deep dark outside. The Easter bunny, his bunny helpers and the four disguised dogs start hiding the eggs high up in the north, near Flensburg. At the border they briefly meet the Danish colleague of the Easter Bunny, his name is Påskehare. He is enthusiastic about the extraordinary team of his work colleague. In Hamburg, a small mishap happens to William. In a hurry, he slips on the wet dike and lands in the Elbe. But William is a great swimmer and can even enjoy the little spontaneous cooling off. The hamsters in the forest workshop had fortunately packed the chocolate eggs that William has with him so well in glitter foil that the cold wetness could not harm them.

The sun is already appearing on the horizon when the Easter team arrives in southern Germany after its furious journey. Shortly before the end another incident, this time it hits the dog lady Anuk disguised as a rabbit. She is just about to hide the tasty Easter eggs in a beautiful garden near Munich, when she hears it, a sound as if something dull had fallen to the ground. Slowly she turns around and catches sight of a little boy sitting in a sandbox, staring at her with his mouth open. He had dropped his shovel in fright. Anuk reacts instinctively, retracts her long tail and hops back into hiding like a rabbit. The whole Easter Bunny team is rolling on the floor laughing, as Anuk's hobbling looked pretty funny.

Hard work, friendship and courage

After all the hustle and bustle, it's finally done! All the Easter eggs have been distributed and the companions head back to the Easter Bunny's forest workshop. They stay there still together for a boisterous feast, eating yeast plaits, chocolate eggs, fresh fruit and Easter bread. They dance to their favorite song "Nudge, the little Easter bunny" and paint some more blown out eggs in the most beautiful colors. What a successful Easter!

William and his friends are proud.They proved one more time that if you really try hard, you can be and create anything. Especially when you have great friends and family members who are behind you. So when you're looking for Easter eggs this year - the ones in Hamburg may still be a little wet from William's Elbe misadventure - remember how nice it is that we have each other.

The William Walker Family wishes you a happy Easter. Stay healthy!


By Louisa Knoll

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