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William Walker dog leashes are handmade. With their timelessly appealing design they set their own standards in dog fashion. The different dog leash collections have a holistic design language, but are influenced by two different core materials. While we generally only work with the best materials, we use the finest suede for our leather dog leashes, paired with padded smooth leather for the wrist strap. With the leather collection launched in 2020, we have come a step closer to our vision of producing visually outstanding dog fashion with a balanced relationship between design and functionality. We offer the suede dog leashes in two standardized sizes in order to best serve the individual needs of four-legged friends, mistresses and masters when going for a dog walk. The core of the second large design line is based on the material paracord. The Paracord dog leashes are hand-woven and also completely handmade. The line length can be adjusted via brass rings as required.