William Walker dog collars and leashes are completely handmade. They represent the result of experienced craftsmanship meeting a modern design. With their timelessly appealing design language, they set their own standards in dog fashion. Although the different dog design collections are united by a holistic design language, we are heavily influenced by two different core materials. While we generally only work with the best materials, we rely on the finest suede in the outer layer of our fine leather collection and pair it with padded smooth leather for maximum comfort in the inner layer. With the leather collection launched in 2020, we have come a step closer to our vision of producing visually outstanding dog fashion with a balanced connection between design and functionality. We offer the suede dog collars and dog leashes in various sizes and exciting color worlds. The core of the second large design line is based on the material paracord. Our Paracord dog collars and dog leashes reflect our nordic heritage and are the perfect match for every occasion, even when it is raining cats and dogs.