Baby boom - how to successfully live together with baby and dog

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Just a moment ago he was "the kid in the house" and suddenly a new member enters the pack - a baby. This not only turns the parents' world upside down, but also changes the life of a four-legged friend considerably. Until now, he was the designated favorite in the family, but now a little runt is taking his place and presenting him with previously unknown challenges. Not only is the crying of the new arrival unfamiliar to him, but the smell of the baby is also new territory for the dog's fine nose. Above all, the dog now has to accept that his master and mistress no longer have quite so much time for him and are sometimes simply too tired for extended play and cuddle sessions. It's quite a lot for the faithful friend to cope with. That's why it's important to prepare him for his new role in good time - so that there's no jealousy, but rather a great friendship! We tell you how dog and baby can become a real dream team.

Prepare your dog for the baby arrival

Pregnancy: Right now, you should start preparing your dog for the changes ahead. Is your belly starting to bulge? Then let your furry companion share your inner life. When he snuggles up to your belly, he can already make contact with his new playmate, hear the baby's heartbeat and sense his movements. If you stroke him and talk to him tenderly, this will gradually build up trust between the two of them.

Children's noise: Whether it's shouting, loud laughter, or funny horsing around, children are loud and the more familiar your dog is with the sounds, the more relaxed he can handle them. That's why it's helpful to get him used to it early enough. And it's easy to do: take your fur nose to friends who have children or take your dog for a walk near kindergartens, playgrounds and schools. Nothing nearby? Then CD's with baby crying and babbling can help.

Education: Also before the baby moves in, you should start to get your four-legged friend out of the habit of one or the other privilege he has become fond of. Even if it is difficult, the dog in the bed is unfortunately taboo until further notice. Stealing things, dragging them away and burying them is no longer a fun game. Instead, your four-legged friend should hand over balls, ducks and the like on command - without growling. Otherwise, the apartment will soon be empty and the baby's crying merciless. Opening doors is a great trick, but should now be equally habituated to make living together easier. Of course, at the latest now your dog must learn to obey the classics among the commands such as "Heel", "Place", etc..

Retreat: The nursery with its cradle and changing table should be declared a no-go area for your pelt-nose. What your dog really needs now is a permanent retreat, a place that belongs only to him and where no baby in the world can disturb him. This can be a basket or a fluffy blanket - the main thing is cozy! Haven't found anything suitable yet? Take a look at our William Walker Sleep collection, your dog will be happy!

The first meeting between dog and baby is crucial

Contact: The baby is here? Then ask someone to bring your dog a used romper suit. While you are still in the hospital with your offspring, your four-legged friend can use it at home to get a feel for the baby and pick up its scent. Opinions differ as to whether this first contact really does any good, but it certainly doesn't do any harm.

At home: You have finally arrived home with your little miracle? Then let your dog share in the happiness and joy. Your little pelt-nose will hardly be able to hold back his curiosity and excitement. Under supervision, he can now sniff your new family member and exchange first affections with the baby.

Hygiene: It's even more important now than before. Consistent hand washing after feeding or petting your dog is a must. Also the beloved dog kisses in your or the newborn's face should be trained off in the best case. Now pay special attention to worming and vaccinating your four-legged friend regularly, this protects you and your baby from disease-causing parasites - here the William Walker Premium Oil Tick Terminator is a help. By the way: chewing bones and treats should also no longer be on the floor at the latest when the baby learns to crawl.

Love: And lots of it! Your dog must be absolutely sure that you continue to love him just as much as before, when he was still the designated prince or princess in the house. To avoid jealousy, you should include him in your life with the baby as much as possible. Even if you are exhausted, your four-legged friend deserves an extra cuddle.

How is it at your home, how do you manage living together with dog and toddler?

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