Treat bags that not only make the dog's mouth water

The William Walker treat bags are at least as tasty as their potential contents. The treat bags are available in beautiful napa leather and soft smooth leather depending on the design. They are finely set off a fine bone-colored contrast stitching at the top opening. A small canvas pouch is sewn into the leather pouch, which makes it easy to open and close the treat pouch with a loop pull. The opening can be adjusted from completely closed, to slightly open to wide open, quickly and according to the situation.

The treat bags offer many convenient and stylish ways to wear them 

Via a gold- or optionally silver-colored brass carabiner, the treat bag can be attached to the dog leash or worn stylishly around the neck on a long chain, for example. Alternatively, the leather loop on the back can of course also be used to attach the treat pouch to the belt, or casually to the fanny pack. The extensive design palette leaves hardly anything to be desired and invites you to get several favorite pieces to match your outfit. No matter how you wear the hand-sewn treat pouch in the end and integrate it into your personal outfit, it comes in any case to the style upgrade. 

Dog Treat free zone in your pockets

Every dog owner knows it, you are on the road with the dog and grab a few quick treats. The exact reasons don't matter in the end, for some inexplicable reason the dog treats somehow always end up back in your pocket, jacket pocket or purse. With William Walker treat bags, that will soon become a relic of the past. They are simply too beautiful to forget and in addition simply very practical. No matter which designs you choose, your own bags will definitely become a crumb-free zone again.