High quality dog beds, dog pillows, dog baskets, travel mats and blankets for a well-rested dog.

The right balance between relaxation and rest is fundamental for a balanced and healthy dog. A restful sleep promotes the mental and physical well-being of your four-legged friend, helps with regeneration and with the processing of experiences. Dogs spend most of their lives in rest mode, which means they sleep, snooze or rest - which makes choosing the right sleeping space all the more important. The William Walker Sleep collection offers a thoughtful selection of cozy sleeping options for your dog. Whether dog bed or dog pillow, the William Walker Sleep products offer the highest comfort for dogs and humans. The respective design fits seamlessly into a stylish living ambience and creates a very natural elegance without imposing itself. Our dog sleeping places combine optimal functionality and quality with a beautiful design.

The right dog sleeping place for your dog's needs and preferences

The dog sleeping place depends in many respects on the preferences and demands of your four-legged friend. Of course, breed-specific characteristics such as size, weight and build are decisive, but also the very personal preferences of the dog. The choice of a suitable lying surface can also prevent joint diseases such as osteoarthritis. Whether fluffy, soft or particularly dimensionally stable - the William Walker Sleep collection offers the right sleeping place for every dog and the right design for every dog owner's taste. With dog beds in shades of gray, beige, light blue and pink, we provide an appealing color selection for various living environments to choose from, so you want to think about the second bed sooner rather than later.

Dog beds, dog blankets, dog plaids for home and for travel

The right choice for the dog bed depends of course largely on the needs of the dog, however, the usage situation for the perfect sleeping pad is also crucial. Whether as a permanent fixture in your own four walls, as a mobile second bed or always ready for spontaneity and travel - the William Walker Sleep products range from large, small, round, angular and fluffy dog beds, to practical rolled-up dog mats to-go. The design of our sleeping options speaks a unique language and is consistently elegant, timelessly beautiful and fits perfectly into any room ambience.

Robust and washable dog sleeping places for longevity and sustainability

For long-lasting enjoyment for both dog and human, we've focused on especially high-quality, easy-care materials in the development of the William Walker Sleep collection. The cushion covers are exceptionally resistant to dog hair and dirt - usually all that is needed here is to pat them out or clean them with a wet sponge. The covers and also the inner cushions are suitable for the washing machine and ensure not only a high standard of hygiene, but also a long-term beautiful look. The fabrics are lightfast and do not fade, so you can look forward to a lasting radiance.