Dog bed - the function of dog beds, plaids and co for a restful sleep

The daily sleep requirement of an adult dog is usually 12-14 hours. Puppies, seniors or sick dogs need an even higher dose of it. In addition to the pure need for sleep, you also need to add the time your dog needs to rest, come down and relax. Most of the time your furry nose doesn't sleep properly at all, but dozes, cuddles and chills, always keeping an eye on the situation. The wilder and more active the dog, the more important and intensive the time out in the dog bed should be. The sleeping and resting periods help your dog to regenerate and process what he has experienced and learned. But sleeping also needs to be properly practiced. Many four-legged friends need support with this, because external influences can prevent a dog from resting. In order to support and optimize the dog sleep of your four-legged friend, there are three proven criteria that you should pay attention to as a dog owner.

1. Sleep and rest phases

Already in the puppyhood a long resting phase should always follow after training and playing sessions. An energetic young dog usually doesn't even notice that he is tired and can exhaust himself. Nature, humans and every living creature needs a healthy balance in order to develop properly. Your dog can only become a balanced companion if he gets enough sleep and rest. Therefore, you should always set up space and time for sleeping and specifically ask your four-legged friend to take a break if he cannot get down by himself. Here it helps to send the dog to its sleeping place and to avoid any form of interaction (looking at, stroking). If there is even the slightest chance that your furry nose can persuade you to play a game of tug-of-war after all, he will not relax. This is where discipline and consistency are required. For dogs that really can't relax at all and are constantly coming up with new ideas to avoid sleep, it might be worth thinking about a dog box. If these targeted chill and sleep phases become routine in puppies, your four-legged friend will benefit from them for the rest of his life.

2. Choosing the right place to sleep for your dog

In general, dogs can fall asleep anywhere. However, the joints and the dog's skin suffer in the long term if the dog is only lying on the hard floor. Pressure points, loss of coat and joint problems such as arthrosis are the consequences. But why do some dogs still like to lie on the floor? Often the only reason is temperature regulation: the cold tiles offer a longed-for cooling on hot days, or the other way around - because underfloor heating is not only popular with cats. If your dog reacts sensitively to temperatures, cooling or heating mats are suitable to optimally support your four-legged friend in finding rest. Your dog's sleeping place depends in many ways on the preferences and demands of your four-legged friend. As a dog owner, however, you should also consider your own ideas when making your choice, especially regarding the colour and design of the different models and versions. After all, the dog bed has a fixed place and cannot simply be imagined away in the apartment.

Dog blankets and plaids

For dogs that don't like to lie on top, dog blankets and plaids offer the first comfort. The good thing about dog plaids is that they are easy to transport. This means that your four-legged friend can have a piece of home with him on holiday, and it is much easier for him to get used to the new surroundings. With our new William Walker Sleep products, like the dog blanket Dive and the travel mat Travel we offer flexible comfort to-go. Both products come in an appealing design and can be stylishly integrated on holiday and at home. An aesthetic and coordinated overall picture demonstrably ensures relaxation and a feeling of well-being for both masters and mistresses. For long-lasting pleasure, our plaids, like all products from the William Walker Sleep range, are easy to clean and wash.

Dog baskets and loops

Dog baskets and loops where the lying surface is surrounded by a raised padded edge offer ideal sleeping conditions for dogs that like to curl up. Some dogs use the raised edge to rest their head on. Most dogs feel cuddly and protected in the basket shape. Of course, dog baskets should primarily convince in terms of comfort and material, but you should keep in mind that a dog basket is usually intended as a long-term purchase and has a certain presence in the room. We from William Walker have developed our dog basket with high quality and a discreetly elegant, timeless design. Our muted colours can be combined wonderfully with almost all furnishings and styles. For dogs and puppies with a big cuddle - and protection need, we developed an extra plush Loop which is perfectly suited for the popular dog sleeping position "breathing fur ball".

Dog pillows and beds

For the gentle giants of the dog world, padded dog pillows and beds are the best choice. The big breeds can stretch out their long limbs and don't sink into their sleeping places. Because unfortunately joint problems, HD/ED or arthrosis are not uncommon in large dogs. The deeper they sink into dog baskets, the harder it is for them to get up - that's why we at William Walker have developed a visually appealing and comfortable dog pillow, with high form stability for large dogs, or simply four-legged friends who prefer e.g. the supine position. In many countries for pet supplies or on the Internet there are also special orthopaedic pillows available, which can make the sleeping phases of a dog with severe joint problems easier and thus also the waking times in the long term.

3. The right environment for the dog sleeping place

The sleeping place for your four-legged friend should on the one hand offer the necessary rest, but also not be too isolated. Dogs want to be with their loved ones and have the situation in sight. If a dog feels excluded or cannot take care of his family, he will have difficulties to sleep. Ideally, dog beds and co. should be placed in the living room, e.g. next to the sofa, facing the room and with a wall at the back. If you are particularly fond of your dog, you can also set up another cuddling place for him in the bedroom or study - so that your faithful companion can always be near you. With the easily portable versions, such as dog blankets and plaids, you can easily take the sleeping place with you. Your dog then associates sleeping and resting with an object and not with a place. That's why portable dog sleeping places are so suitable for travelling or for taking to work.

Since the dog spends considerably more time of his life sleeping than romping around outside, it is worthwhile to observe the sleeping behaviour of the four-legged friend closely and invest in a high-quality product. Dog baskets, beds and Co are usually a long-term purchase and should meet the dog's needs, but also match the own taste. By the way: You should not wake up firmly sleeping fur noses. Twitching and snoring, barking and tail wagging are completely normal and no reason for concern. Maybe your dog is walking in his dreams across the most beautiful field, is dealing with a tense situation or simply feels perfectly comfortable in his new William Walker dog bed.

By Louisa Knoll



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