Our photo of the month in August comes from dear Victoria sitting at her birthday table with her Dalmatian @Duke.the.don. At this point we would like to wish you all the best afterwards Kristina!

The beautifully furnished living room is particularly striking. It shines with warm, cheerful pastel colors, flowers and sweets. Just really girly.

Duke also shines in our dog collar Sky in Baby blue. This summer, designers have made baby blue a trend color, especially for accessories. Clutches like the pouch by Bottega Veneta can be seen in the hands of countless influencers. There is only one styling rule: do not style too dark! The contrast between the colors quickly becomes too harsh and thus inconsistent. Better stick to pastel shades. Here counts: colour blocking!

High fashion wear in pastel shades is of course also possible for dogs. With the collars from our suede collection you can create beautiful color combinations. For example our Coral collar with the Sky leash

Also our toys do not stop at the summer colors.

"But the midsummer is already over, now it's time again to wear dark and wintery colors" If you think so, we have good news: Light pink, blue and yellow shades were not only the trend in spring and summer, but will remain with us even in late summer. They offer the opportunity to defy the coming cool and rainy season with bright colors and statements.

Well, everything done right Kristina & Duke, we are thrilled! What are your favorite colors? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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