Photo of the month #11

Our Photo of the month in November comes from dear Anh (@anh_phoenix) and her cute dog Miu (@Miumiu_puppy). You can see them during a walk in London City. Together they rock their outfit and attract all the attention.

Blink once more, and it' s almost Christmas. Even though 2020 feels like the longest year of the century, time has somehow flown by in the monotony of home office and vacation at home. That's why we can now get in the mood for the festive season without a guilty feeling.

Anh achieves this in a subtle way with an outfit in shades of green and red and a cuddly long coat. She looks like she came straight from the runway... now the only thing missing are comfortable sneakers, a coffee-to-go and Miu of course.

Miu wears our beautiful suede set in the colour Lambrusco. The wine-red leather is the complementary color to Anh's green top. Combine these two colors in one outfit and you can be sure that you won't get lost in the crowd and are guaranteed a strong appearance.

A big thank you to Anh and Miu for this great photo. It has deservedly become our Photo of the month. Are you also a fan of complementary colors, or do you prefer one color palette? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments!

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