Why is William Walker called William Walker?

Why is William Walker called William Walker? - We are often asked this question and almost as often we are mistakenly addressed by mail with "Dear William" or "Dear Mr. Walker". Honestly, we think it's funny.

So back to the question, why William Walker is called William Walker? Whoever googled the name William Walker will see that there have been historical personalities with this sonorous name, most notably the adventurer William Walker, who became president of Nicaragua.

While the story of the adventurer William Walker offers some facts worth telling, in the end it has nothing to do with our brand William Walker. Our dog fashion brand William Walker is free of any historical context.

When we decided to enter the dog fashion business in 2017, our desire from the very beginning was to create a global brand and therefore it was clear that we wanted to have a international brand name. Finding the right name for a company is very important and unfortunately often not that easy. If you look at the development of brand names, you can see that especially in the startup sector the trend is towards elaborate word creations (nonwords).

This trend can be divided into associative and neologistic nonwords. In associative nonwords, the corporate field of activity resonates in the name, while neologistic nonwords are not related to the field of activity of the brand. An associative brand name is, for example, that of the e-commerce software company "Shopify". Although the word Shopify does not exist, this name directly and clearly embodies the company's product range. The fact that the neologistic approach can alternatively provide an equally strong and natural fit, despite the lack of a content link, should be clear to most people when they google or twitter on a daily basis. Almost all of IKEA's furniture is made up of neologistic words and yet many people often stand in front of this furniture and think that the name fits somehow. The fact that this type of naming also has advantages in terms of finding the furniture in Google searches is another reason why many start-ups and brands choose this way. Despite the many good reasons for approaching the topic of naming in the same way, we have decided quite deliberately to take a different path.

The William Walker Company exists because of our firm belief that each of us has the chance to create something meaningful. Something that rewards you with fulfillment and satisfaction and inspires you with pride and happiness. Proud because you were brave enough to choose your own dreams and happy because you can inspire yourself and other like-minded people.

William Walker is called William Walker simply because we love that name. We also like the name William because of its full-bodied sound. We also associate (maybe thanks to Prince William) a royal flair, something sublime, something noble, something sincere, something extraordinary, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just a great name for a dog. The name "Walker" forms a symmetrical and pleasantly natural alliteration to William. The part of the name "Walker", also has a deliberate proximity to "walk the dog", which we like. Furthermore there is a little secret why we liked the name part "Walker" even more. Since it was our ambition from the beginning to enter the dog fashion market with William Walker, terms like "model" and "catwalk" appeared regularly in our conversations. The latter is of course known worldwide as "catwalk". As a passionate brand for dog design, the idea of stylish William Walker "Dog Fashion", on a potential catwalk somehow "disturbed" us slightly. That's why we always talk about the dogwalk with a wink at any dog shootings.

Now you know the thoughts and little secrets about our brand name William Walker. If you have any further questions about William Walker, leave them in the comments or send us an email to hallo@williamwalker.de  



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Maria June 01, 2020

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