Timeless Brit Chic Look

Charles Collection

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Charles Collection

William Walker Hundeleine CharlesWilliam Walker Hochwertige Leder Hundeleine Charles // Limited

Dog Leash Charles

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William Walker Leckerlibeutel Charles // LimitedWilliam Walker Leckerlibeutel Charles // Limited
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The Charles Collection - Collars, leashes, poop bag dispensers and treat bags made from a leather-cotton duo in a royal tricolor look.

The new Charles collection is virtually the Royal Family of our William Walker collections. The combination of matte leather and coarsely woven cotton creates a perfect union - like king and queen. Harmoniously they complement and support each other and stand, typically British, for tradition consciousness paired with modern influences. The materials, "Crazy Horse Leather" and cotton fit together wonderfully elegant, especially in terms of optics, so the structure and color scheme. The colors of the sewn-on cotton stripe, a bright red and dark blue, are also reminiscent of Great Britain's national flag. The matte waxed brown cowhide leather in vintage style, gives the royal colors of the Charles collection a robust and at the same time stylish background. True to the motto "Brit Chic", Charles combines eye-catching eccentricity with graceful restraint.

The perfect combination of design and functionality for high-quality, durable dog accessories

In terms of functionality, too, the two materials meet the very highest standards. The leather gives dimensional stability, durability and thus safety. Whether out and about in nature or in the rain in the city - the exquisite Charles design gives your four-legged friend that certain something. The origin of the name Crazy Horse leather of our Charles collection lies in its history. It stands for indestructible horse saddles and riding utensils. The special tanning technique as well as the wax sealing provide a two-shade "pull-up effect", which makes each product unique. Thus, the leather does not lose its beauty through daily use, but gains charm and individuality through the vintage marbling. A truly high quality, unique and vibrant leather that only reveals its full potential through wear.

Selected details in matte gold for safety and style when walking the dog.

Matte gold buckles, carabiners and key rings put the crown on the Charles collection. They offer absolute safety, should your four-legged friend, for example, exert a little more pull on the leash and collar. Everything stays exactly where it should be. The matt-polished surfaces of the golden metal applications round off the design of the noble Charles collection and give the whole thing a casually restrained elegance - very British!

Brit Chic complete look - color-coordinated premium dog accessories

The tricolore Charles collection consists of an adjustable collar in many different sizes, as well as a perfect leash selection - from triple adjustable to extra light everything is offered. Matching the set of leash and collar, the Charles look is completed by a small poop bag dispenser and a treat bag, both of which can be attached by a practical and super classy carabiner. This way, the cool partner look with your favorite four-legged companion succeeds, and you are fully up-to-date with the Brit Chic and Co-Ord trend.


William Walker 120 Kotbeutel (8 Rollen)

300 poop bags (20 rolls)

William Walker Hundeleine SandWilliam Walker Hochwertige Leder Hundeleine Sand (Beige)

Dog Leash Sand

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William Walker Hundeleine Dark MossWilliam Walker Hochwertige Leder Hundeleine Dark Moss (Waldgrün)

Dog Leash Dark Moss

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William Walker Hundeleine ChiliWilliam Walker Hochwertige Leder Hundeleine Chili (Rot)

Dog Leash Chili

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William Walker Kotbeutelspender ChilliWilliam Walker Kotbeutelspender Chili
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Poop Bag Holder Chili

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William Walker Leckerlibeutel Chili (Rot)William Walker Leckerlibeutel Chili (Rot)
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Treat Bag Chili

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William Walker Hundeleine EarthWilliam Walker Hochwertige Leder Hundeleine Earth (Braun)

Dog Leash Earth

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William Walker Hundeleine SkyWilliam Walker Hochwertige Leder Hundeleine Sky (Baby-Blau)

Sky dog leash

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William Walker Hundehalsband LavenderWilliam Walker Leder Hundehalsband Lavender (Lila)
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Dog collar Lavender

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William Walker Hundeleine LavenderWilliam Walker Hochwertige Leder Hundeleine Lavender (Lila)
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Lavender dog leash

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William Walker Kotbeutelspender LavenderWilliam Walker Kotbeutelspender Lavender (Lila)
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Lavender poop bag dispenser

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William Walker Hundeleine AmberWilliam Walker Hochwertige Leder Hundeleine Amber (Orange)

Dog leash Amber

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William Walker Hundeleine NoirWilliam Walker Hundeleine Noir (Schwarz)

Dog leash Noir

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William Walker Kotbeutelspender Noir (Schwarz)William Walker Kotbeutelspender Noir (Schwarz)
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