William Walker Clean leather wash is designed as a hand wash product. For a hand wash, about 20 ml of wash concentrate must be poured into a container with 3-4 liters of water and then be mixed thoroughly. The water should not exceed a maximum temperature of 35°C. The product should soak in the washing solution for up to 20 minutes and be moved in between before being taken out again. If the product is very dirty, a soft brush can be used to help. Those wishing to protect the William Walker Logo Badge lettering should exclude this area from any rubbing or brushing.

After the water bath, the leather product should be rinsed once with clear water. Minor detergent remains are not a problem and provide a lasting softness of the leather. After hand washing, the product should be air dried, tumble drying is not recommended. After it has dried, any nubuck and suede products should have a brief brushing. Generally, washing of leather products should not be overdone, only when dry cleaning is not enough. One bottle of William Walker Clean is sufficient for 6-8 hand washes. For long-lasting color and stain protection, regular treatment with William Walker Protect is recommended.

Important notes:

  • Please use gloves when washing.
  • Mixing of different leather colors within one wash should be avoided, in this case discoloration cannot be excluded.
  • In the case of colored leather products, where the dyes are not sufficiently fixed, the surface appearance may change.?
  • Contact with the eyes must be avoided at all costs. If this should happen accidentally, rinse the eye with water for several minutes. In case of emergency, consult a doctor.
  • Keep William Walker Clean out of the reach of children.
  • Shake before use. 
  • Protect from frost.

Volume: 150 ml - 5,07 FL. OZ

Ingredients: 10% - <20% NON-IONIC TENSIDES, <5% ANIONIC TENSIDES.

Fragrance: Coumarin