Find William Walker Retailer?
You would like to get a personal impression of our products and see them before you buy them. Please send us an email to with the subject "Retailer nearby" and let us know your address and which products you are interested in. We will send you the retailers in your area.

You want to become a William Walker partner?
You want to become a William Walker partner?
Then write an email to Roman Willenbrock ( with the subject "Become a William Walker Partner". Roman will arrange a meeting as soon as possible to discuss a possible partnership.

What does it mean to be a William Walker Partner?
As a William Walker partner, you can be sure of a personal and appreciative partnership. The partnership with William Walker is simple, fair, trustworthy and designed for mutual success.

How does the purchase process work in practice as a William Walker partner?
Once the cooperation is finalized, you as a partner get your own access to the William Walker B2B Shop. In the B2B store, every partner can easily and conveniently place an order and is also provided with all relevant content for a successful distribution of William Walker. This includes detailed image packages as well as PoS materials if required.

Your contact person

Roman Willenbrock

Roman is your contact for all retailer inquiries.
Telephone: +40 (0)40 870 77 131