Cool tips for hot days with your dog

Now that summer is coming, many of us are wondering what we can do with our dog. The warmer the days, the more time we spend outside. However, it can quickly become boring to do the same things day by day. Therefore we have prepared some great outdoor activities for you and your furry nose!

1. Inline Skater Tour: Your dog loves to walk long distances and you like to go inline skating? Why not combine your two preferences and make a trip together? Especially newly built bike trails often have a very smooth asphalt on which you can ride without any problems. A perfect tour that challenges you and your dog.

2. Bicycle tour: Depending on the condition of your dog, a bicycle tour is possible as well. As long as your four-legged friend can walk beside your bike without getting into the wheels or getting into breathing difficulties, nothing stands in the way. Of course, you should make sure that you ride at a speed that your dog can keep up with. If your dog is not quite fit, a bicycle trailer is also a good option. You can use it during the tour or as a rest in between.

3. Picnic: If you and your dog are not big fans of sport activities, a picnic together might be the right thing for you. Also as a break during sport activities, it'll recharge your energy. For the picnic you can prepare some special treats. For example frozen fruit pieces are a great refreshment for warm summer days. But also dog biscuits or a dog muffin will make your furry nose very happy. Of course, a bottle of water should not be missing, so that you can resist the warm temperatures and enjoy the weather in a shady place.

4. Hike: If you like long walks and you have a little more time at the weekend, a hike through previously undiscovered areas is a fantastic idea. With public transport you can quickly get to a new place and explore many new routes and enjoy the nature. A great day trip!

5. Treat search: Your dog enjoys tricky tasks and is a huge fan of treats? Then you can also move your sniffing training outside. In small knotholes and tree cracks, in deep grass or behind stones you can hide treats for your dog and afterwards invite him to search with the command "Search/Look". If your dog is already advanced, you can also hide the treats without him seeing you and then let him go to search.

6. Agility: In agility training, your dog is supposed to complete a given obstacle course as quick as possible and without any mistakes in response to your commands. The obstacles can be small hurdles, tunnels, ramps and much more. By the way, such a course can be set up in your own garden. Furthermore you can create great agility tracks in the forest just with a little imagination. However, if you lack the materials or you would like to train together with other dog owners or a trainer, there are dog sport clubs that offer agility training in almost every city. 

7. Frisbee: Your dog loves to play and to run long distances? Then the Frisbee disc could become his favourite toy. Frisbee throwing allows your dog to channel all his energy into fast sprints and skilful jumps. While throwing the disc you can tell your dog to sit and stay till you give the command. This not only challenges the body but also the mind of your four-legged friend. There are specific dog frisbees for this purpose, which don't cause any injuries to the gums of your dog.

8. Swimming: Is there anything better to cool off in the water on a hot summer day? If your dog is a fan of the cool wet, then swimming is certainly an absolute highlight of any trip. Why not choose a route that passes a beautiful lake or quiet river and allow you and your dog to splash around? Retrieving with a toy or stick makes the bathing tour perfect.

We hope that you and your four-legged friend liked some of our outdoor activities and we wish you lots of beautiful summer days! Leave us a comment with your favourite outdoor activity.





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