We start our new Eat category with the launch of our irresistible William Walker Treats. The William Walker Treats are completely made in Germany. Whether meat, fruit or vegetables, all processed and contained foods have premium quality and are guaranteed fresh. The careful and conscious selection of ingredients, as well as the gentle preparation, make the William Walker Treats a true taste explosion for absolutely every dog - guaranteed. William Walker Treats are available in three delicious varieties Turkey Hearts, Turkey Bites and Deer Chips. They each come in the trial size of 100g and the connoisseur size 250g.

One potential danger we do not want to leave unmentioned at this point, William Walker Treats can potentially turn your dogs into the Cookie Monster - there is a considerable risk of addiction! Our dog treats are of course completely without chemical attractants, additives, colorants or preservatives. By the way, all William Walker Treats are grain-free and an ideal addition to a healthy dog diet as a dog snack in between meals. Shiny coat, reduced inherent odor, smaller poop, improved digestion and increased vitality are often the result of a healthy dog diet. Speaking of increased vitality - the William Walker Treats are also wonderfully suitable for training sessions with the dog - with these treats every four-legged friend becomes a training champion.