William Walker stands for premium products around the dog. The William Walker Care series combines all products for the best possible external care for your dog. Our organic paw balm offers your dog a soothing care for the constantly stressed paw pads and is also very suitable for your "little paws".

The best coat care for your dog completely made in Germany

Our dog shampoo and our dog conditioner are specially developed for a particularly gentle coat care for dogs. Our premium argan oil Shine is the crowning glory of our hair and skin care, so it gives the dog's coat not only a beautiful natural shine, but also provides the dog's skin with high-quality antioxidants and vitamin E.

Dog care based on organic ingredients

Our entire dog care series is based on high-quality organic ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, argan oil, macadamia nut oil and rose geranium and is of course tailored to the special needs of our four-legged friends. Of course, we also rely on an attractive and functional design for the packaging, so that it is simply fun to take the William Walker dog care products in your hand. Our entire William Walker Care series is optimally rounded off with noble short-haired and long-haired brushes for regular coat care.

Practical dog brushes from sustainable forestry

No matter what dog breed it is, all dogs are dependent on an appropriate coat care. In addition to washing the coat with appropriate dog shampoo, this primarily includes coat care through regular brushing. It is important for a healthy and naturally shiny coat that the dog's coat is thoroughly brushed again and again. A great side effect of recurring coat care is that you get to spend intense, precious time with your dog, so you're not only investing in a healthy dog coat, but also in your bond with your beloved four-legged friend. With the short hair brush Rub and the long hair brush Resolve, William Walker provides every dog owner with two appealing options for regular coat care.