Gorgeous Collars and light Leashes for small Dogs

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what exactly they look like in the end, every dog ​​owner loves his dog and only wants the best for him. At William Walker, we try to design products that are suitable for as many dogs as possible and that cater to their different needs. With the William Walker Small Dog Collection, we deliberately looked at the development of products that are suitable for small dogs without making any cuts in the appealing design.

The perfect Dog Leash for small Dog Breeds

The small city leash is a dog leash specially developed for small dog breeds. While it is just as long as the regular city leash, on the one hand, it is noticeably narrower and primarily relies on a smaller and lighter carabiner. The carabiner is significantly more delicate than the other carabiners we use. The adjustments lead to a subtle but often decisive difference in weight in the leash. The Small City Leash is not a strenuous burden, even for the smallest dogs, but can be handled optimally without great effort.

Small Dogs with big Looks

No matter whether Chihuahuas, Havanese, Pomeranian, or Yorkshire terriers, with the Small City Leash nothing stands in the way of a great appearance from front to back. The dog leashes are available in several designs from the Suede Collection, as well as in all designs of the Napa Leather Collection. The matching collars are of course available in XXS and XS. We also worked on the design of the collars again in order to adapt them even better to the needs of small dog breeds. The collars in XS and XXS have become a little lighter and at the same time look prettier and more harmonious than ever before. The possibility of stylishly combining and mixing the equipment of our little four-legged friends is given here to a large extent and is just really fun.

Dog Accessories to fall in Love with

In order to make the joint appearance with the four-legged friend perfect, the necessary and above all useful highlights must not be missing. There is a suitable poop bag holder in fine napa leather for every design - an absolute must-have that you don't want to do without. The William Walker treat bags are also available in many matching colors. The small leather cases are so special that you have to be careful not to take them with you for walks without your dog. The William Walker Small Dog Collection is our gift to the smallest dogs - we know you are the cutest creatures on four legs - we love you.