Why Dog Owners often resemble their Dog

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Is it the drooping cheeks or the stoic facial expression that makes this fatal resemblance between Edgar and his male St. Bernard Sam? And doesn't Lisa have exactly the same googly eyes as her poodle lady Miss Molly. Not to mention her dark curls? And why is Julian's figure just as stringy as the one of his Vizsla Donna? Is it all just a coincidence when the owner and their four-legged friend are like two peas in a pod? When they seem to be cut from the same cloth in terms of stature, hairstyle, facial expressions or behavior? No, say scientists from various faculties, because they have investigated the human-animal twin phenomenon and have discovered some interesting facts.

Similarity between Dog and Dog Owner

Anyone, who thought that dogs and humans simply become closer in the course of their lives together and therefore look more and more alike, is mistaken. The solution of the animal reflection is more multifaceted than thought and is "like and like gladly joins". Already with the selection of their future family member, so the researchers determined on the basis of studies, humans - whether consciously or unconsciously - already look for a dog, which is similar to them in certain ways. Psychologists Nicholas Christenfeld and Michael M. Roy from the University of California in San Diego suspect that people want a creature that is just like them.

No wonder that bundles of temperament look for an Australian Shephard and couch potatoes for a rather cozy pug. And that hairdressers love Bearded Collies and the older gentleman with the rings under his eyes finds Bassets rather sweet. The thesis of the scientists applies however only to race dogs, not to hybrids. Because only with them one could predict already in the puppy age, how they will look and behave later on.

The Study of the Theory

For their study the scientists showed 28 selected test subjects photos of 45 dog owners. They placed two dog photos with each of them. The subjects were then asked to guess which of the dogs really belonged to the person pictured. They were correct in two out of three cases. The Japanese psychologist Sadahiko Nakajima wanted to know it more exactly and asked himself, in which the most frequent similarity between master/customer and their faithful companion lies? It is the eyes! He was able to determine this with the help of 502 students to whom he, like his American colleagues, had submitted photos.

The Dog adapts to the Human

Nevertheless, in terms of appearance, the time the dog and owner have lived together is not necessarily a criterion for similarity. In terms of behavior, however, it is. The dog adapts to his human to about 80 percent, only in about 20 percent of cases it is the other way around. With a relaxed owner the dog also is not to be so easily upset, with anxious dog owners the dog also is more reserved after several years of living together. Of course, many dogs also adapt certain behaviors from their masters or mistresses.

The Perfect Match - Inside and Outside

Many dog owner have not only subconsciously searched for a look-a-like by choosing the puppy, but also want to consciously flaunt this with matching accessories in everyday life. Many people love to match the leashes and collars for the four-legged friend with their own outfits. So that the partner look succeeds perfectly, we from William Walker have matching Keychains to our Nobile Dog Leashes and Dog Collars created. So you become not only partners by heart, but also visually you become the Perfect Match.

Do you sometimes match your outfits with the accessories of your four-legged friend? Feel free to send us a picture of your coolest partner look with your four-legged friend!

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