How do I become a Dogfluencer?

Which dog owner does not dream of - earning money by walking. Welcome to the social media world! But unfortunately it is not quite that simple. What you should pay special attention to, you can find out here.

What is a Dogfluencer actually?

The word "Dogfluencer" or also "Petfluencer" is a modified version of the word "Influencer". Influencers or dogfluencers do this: they use their reach in social media to influence the opinions or consumption habits of their followers through advertising. Of course, this is differently pronounced with each dogfluencer, because each one decides for himself how he wants to use his reach. Whether with daily product advertising or simply with nice photos and reports from daily life and a promotional mail every few months in between.

But now to the actual topic, how do you actually become a dogfluencer? Unfortunately, there is no perfect guarantee of success, but there are recognized measures that can be helpful in achieving this goal. We have put together some advice for you here and hope that it will help you and your dog on the way to becoming the next great Dogfluencer.

Your profile

The first step in your career as a dogfluencer is to create an Instagram profile and here are some things you should be aware of.

Account settings

Here you should make sure that your account is public. This is the only way for users who are not yet following you to see what content you post. To generate new followers this is a must.

A good Instagram name

The name should be catchy and not too long. It should be recognizable and at best it should already indicate what your account is about or be related to your content, but this is not a must.

The right profile picture

Here is one of the most important tips: consistency. Don't change your profile picture too often, because whether it's in the stories or when you like or comment on other people's posts, the profile picture is one of the first things other users see of you - and you want to be recognized quickly. Otherwise it is completely up to you whether you want to use an eye-catching, colorful design or something more classic and simple.

Your Biography

After your profile picture and your name, your biography is the next thing that catches the eye of potential new followers. Here you can link to your website and other information about you and your dog, e.g. if you run one.

Engagement Rate

Your range is defined by the number of your followers. But what is also very important is your so called "Engagement Rate", which is the ratio between the number of followers and likes/comments. This should be at least 2-3%. There is nothing more unbelievable than an account with 100.000 followers but only 200 likes on each picture.

The right photos

In order to become really familiar with your pictures it is clear that they should be of a certain standard. But that does not mean that you have to buy an expensive SLR camera right now. Most cell phone cameras are sufficient just for the beginning. Much more important is that you pay attention to a good exposure and a proper background. A little bit can be improved afterwards with apps like Adobe Lightroom. Especially to bring your own style into your pictures and your feed, apps like Lightroom are essential. The importance of videos and animated images can hardly be overestimated. Videos are a great way to show your dog in action and get to know both of you better.


Once you have found your own style, presets are a small but very useful support. Presets are presets, e.g. Lightroom, that help you to make your images look similar and give your feed a consistent look.


In the fast moving social media world, for example, one contribution per week would simply be too little. "A lot helps a lot" shouldn't be your motto either, because your followers are probably annoyed by more than 5 posts per day. With 1-2 posts a day you can't really do anything wrong.


Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per mail. Especially in the beginning you should make use of them. You should not just use the most popular hashtags, but rather rely on perfectly fitting hashtags.

Here are some dog hashtags that you can copy: #doglove #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #doglover #dogoftheday #dogphotography #puppy #doglife #dogslife

Call to action

For the new Instagram Algorithm, commenting among your posts has become enormously important. Many comments show Instagram "Hey, something's going on here". Therefore motivate your followers in your caption to exchange with each other and with you. Ask them for their opinion or for tips on a specific topic. Even a simple question like "How was your weekend?" is more inviting to comment than a quote or emoji.

Your Community

Suitable for commenting: Community Maintenance. If your followers answer your questions from the picture description, you should try to answer just the first comments. Keep asking and thank them for a tip. This way you create a more personal relationship and build a strong community that really wants to interact with you on your account.


Cooperation - probably the goal par excellence of every influencer. If you are satisfied with your feed and you have a certain number of followers (works even with 1000 followers or more) you don't have to wait until a company contacts you. Dare to take the chance, write to companies that are interesting for you and ask for a cooperation. Important: Do not blindly accept every cooperation! As explained above, influencers influence their followers and if you sell them a bad product as the holy grail, your followers will lose confidence in you and your recommendations.


We will not go into too much detail here, as this is a very complex topic but it is important that as soon as a brand is marked, shown or even just mentioned, it is advertising and has to be marked accordingly. Be sure to read the advertising guidelines thoroughly before you start using your account.

Secondary industries

If your goal as a dogfluencer is to get free products or even make money, it is important that you register a side business. Even free products are tax relevant and should be declared in your tax return. You should also ask your tax consultant for more information.


And last but not least: Do not fake yourself! It comes across much more sympathetically when you just be yourself.

Do we have a dogfluencer among the readers? Feel free to share your Instagram experiences in the comments and help the dogfluencers of tomorrow!

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