William Walkers Photo of the Month #7

William Walker Sky Set

The summer time together with your dearest furry nose

There's nothing better than rounding off an extended walk with a delicious picnic. And to make sure your faithful companion gets his money's worth, we at William Walker have designed Treat Bags that not only come in lots of summery colors, but make the treats taste even better for your four-legged friend. For each Treat Bag there is of course the matching Walk Set and the right Poop Bag Holder is also available, if your favorite does his little business in the park.

This is what our Hamburg local Wiillowtheteddy thought in our Photo of the Month #7. A perfect play of colors between the beautiful green nature and the heavenly blue Sky Set make the photo perfect and you can literally feel the joy Willow experiences when the treat bag was finally opened. Eating outdoors is all the more enjoyable when you're properly equipped. So with our Dog Blanket Dive, the two of them not only have a cozy surface to relax on in the sun, but also look elegant doing it in combination with the Sky Look. We think that the two have really earned the Photo of the Month!

Your dog could be the next big winner! Love to send us photos of your pets, whether in the comments section, on Instagram or by mail. We are looking forward to your photos!


By William Walker

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